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// Will Maguire //

Free your life, ethical alternatives to popular applications

I'm a student, studying programming at Codam Coding College in Amsterdam.
I strongly support the Free Software Foundation, the GNU project, and digital rights across the globe.

favourite_language = C;
text_editor = GNU_Emacs;
OS = GNU/Linux;

I've been programming for roughly 1.5 years now. I have a great passion not only for the work itself, but the culture, history, and ethics of the computer science world.

I am an active member of the Dutch Piratenpartij.

And the Free Software foundation, which I encourage any ethical programmer to join.

I do not support the use of the Microsoft Windows operating system in any capacity.

Contact info:

Email: wmaguire@protonmail.com
Telephone: +31 610267028
Hacking this server:

You will not find me on (anti) social media.